Reclaim Your Domain

Reclaim Your Domain is a part of an initiative by (XXX) to provide you with a quick and easy way to start aggregating and controlling your digital “life bits” distributed around the web into a space that will provide a greater coherence and permanence to your digital identity. You can think of it as an online locker wherein you store the work you do online, as well as a space to claim your small corner of the web beyond third party services social networking so many of us currently use.

Does this mean we hate third party sites owned by media conglomerates that want to mine your data for nefarious purposes? Of course not---we are American after all! We simply want there to be relatively simple alternatives to owning and controling the myriad data that represents your life online. Big global companies aren’t evil, we all just feel a little safer when they don’t have control over every last shred of our personal data.

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