06/08 2014

Reclaim Your Domain Workshop (1)

As part of the Domain of One’s Own Incubator at Emory University earlier this year, Kin and Audrey facilitated a workshop (a discussion, really) about “Reclaim Your Domain.” The Google Doc can be found here. But in the spirit of “reclaim,” those resources are also posted below.

Reclaim Your Domain http://bit.ly/reclaimyourdomain

Facilitators: Kin Lane http://apievangelist.com @kinlane

Audrey Watters http://hackeducation.com @audreywatters

How do we build an alternative to the corporate web? How do we “re-decentralize the Net”?

Why does this matter? (from Reclaim Your Domain: Honing the Vision)

  • * Historical Internet Archive
  • * Web Literacy (End User and development)
  • * Self presentation and preservation
  • * Flips the web back to the personal, self-determination
  • * About the people, scaling the possibilities of the individual to more easily control their small piece of the web


What are the obstacles?

    • * Corporate tech is slick and easy and free! Whee!
    • * Lack of data portability, lack of standards
    • * Uncertainty about where to start
    • * Lack of tech skills
    • * The tech industry is not necessarily interested in people reclaiming their data and owning their domain; the tech community is not necessarily supportive or welcoming
    • * There are technologies institutions force us to use – at work, at school, etc – and data portability and data portability are not institutional priorities
      • * How do we accomplish this?
      • * What can be reclaimed?
      • * Where can we start?
      • * What are alternatives to “reclaiming your domain”?




Kin Lane’s personal “reclaim” site

Boone Gorges’ personal “reclaim” site

Locker Project

How I Created My Own Personal Cloud Using BitTorrent Sync, Owncloud, and Raspberry Pi

Getting started with the IndieWeb


Opportunity For Personal Data Lockers To Move Into Mainstream Consciousness


Learning Locker

So now what:


POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)