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Hello World

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Reclaim Your Domain was originally setup during a hackathon at MIT, where Kin Lane (@kinlane), Jim Groom (@jimgroom), and Audrey Watters (@audreywatters), plotted to develop a platform that would help educate people about their online domains, and help them reclaim them. The concept of what is Reclaim Your Domain is still being worked out. Currently Kin Lane is defining his own Reclaim platform to beta test what is one possible path forward, you can follow that work at This project runs as Github repository, so if you want to participate, you can submit issues via Github, or contact more.

Driving The #Reclaim Process Using Terms Of Service Didn't Read

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I’m thinking through some of the next steps for my Reclaim Your Domain process, in preparation for a hackathon we have going on this weekend. Based upon defining, and executing on my own #Reclaim process, I want to come up with a v1 proposal, for one possible vision for the larger #Reclaim lifecycle. My vision for Reclaim Your Domain, is to not create yet another system, we have to become slave to. I want #Reclaim to be an open framework, that helps guide people through reclaiming their own domain, and encourages them to manage and improve their digital identity more.

Smallest Federated Wiki Blueprint Evangelism

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I’m playing with a new tool that was brought to my attention called, the Small Federated Wiki (SFW), a dead-simple, yet powerfully extensible, and federated online platform solution, developed by Mike Cauffield. In his latest post about Smallest Federated Wiki as a Universal JSON Canvas, Mike opens up with a story of how hard tech evangelism is, with an example from Xerox PARC: Watching Alan Kay talk today about early Xerox PARC days was enjoyable, but also reminded me how much good ideas need advocating. As Kay pointed out repeatedly, explaining truly new ways of doing things is hard. First, more.

Making More Time To Play With The Smallest Federated Wiki

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I'm always working to better understand the best of breed technology solutions available online today, and to me, this means, lightweight, machine readable apps that do one thing and do it well. One solution I’m looking at is called the Smallest Federated Wiki, from Mike Caulfield(@holden), which has been on my list for several weeks now, but one of his latest posts has floated it back onto my priority list. To understand what the Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW) is, check out the video. I haven’t personally downloaded and installed yet, which is something I do with all solutions that I’m more.

Reclaim Your Domain Workshop (1)

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As part of the Domain of One’s Own Incubator at Emory University earlier this year, Kin and Audrey facilitated a workshop (a discussion, really) about “Reclaim Your Domain.” The Google Doc can be found here. But in the spirit of “reclaim,” those resources are also posted below. ... Reclaim Your Domain Facilitators: Kin Lane @kinlane Audrey Watters @audreywatters How do we build an alternative to the corporate web? How do we “re-decentralize the Net”? Why does this matter? (from Reclaim Your Domain: Honing the Vision) * Historical Internet Archive * Web Literacy (End User and development) * more.